Financial operations for modern hardware

Product update: intelligent Control Center alerts guide HaaS business

It’s crucial for modern hardware companies to stay on top of the moving parts in their business, and even more important if they’re running a hardware-as-a-service (HaaS) business model. Key data points such as contract dates, asset events, and software activation significantly impact different teams across the company, and have meaningful effects on the work of the billing and accounting functions. The complexity involved in managing these data points often results in significant delays in the contract-to-cash cycle.

Control Center makes this easy through automatic detection and notification of cross-functional work, surfacing information days or weeks faster than manual review. Hardfin tracks asset, billing, and accounting data natively through tight integrations with CRMs, ERPs, CMMS and other core systems—a concept called dynamic asset linking. This proprietary technology allows the Hardfin platform to surface work intelligently as soon as it is ready for action, either real-time or well in advance. Customers shorten the billing cycle by 60-70% to collect cash faster, and improve collections by almost 2% to collect more cash overall.



Control Center actions already available

  • Subscription drafted automatically by Hardfin but not yet finalized
  • Invoice automatically generated and ready to approve or send
  • Subscription monitored and calling for assets to assign
  • Assets shipped, delivered, or deployed but not assigned to subscription

Coming soon to Control Center

  • Subscription started but missing contract signing record
  • Subscription has assets deployed but missing non-equipment dates
  • Asset pending ownership record or COGS report
  • Subscription expiring soon and needs renewal PO
  • Revenue records generated and journal entries ready to review


Ready to improve your cash collection cycle and reduce the time it takes to turn assets into cash?